On Advocacy: Commentary by Sajna Kajtazovic of Nebraska Methodist College

May 4, 2015

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

Being a patient safety advocate means to care about the safety and health of the patient. When a patient reveals that an unsafe health practice happened, lots of drama ensues, just like in A Never Event. The patient safety advocate is the person that needs to be there for the patient to support them through anything they need. A patient needs to know that there is someone in their corner who believes them unconditionally and will be their voice if they don’t have one.

It meant a lot to me to hear Evelyn speak because her book shook me to the core and made me want to help patients even more. Actually getting to see Evelyn in person and getting to hear her story really put a face to the issue of safe injection practices. Sometimes when we hear stories about the horrible things that happen in the medical field, we do not connect it to actual people. But when you see the victim right in front of you, it makes it even more real. Talking to Evelyn motivated me to be even more careful with my injection practices. It made me vow to check my practices many times and see on what areas I could improve on. I want my patients to be able to trust me and to know that I will keep them safe by adhering to correct techniques.

One thought on “On Advocacy: Commentary by Sajna Kajtazovic of Nebraska Methodist College

  1. Karen Morrow

    It’s wonderful to see such a positive response from a health care professional. Thank you very much Sajna for your commitment!!!
    Karen Morrow, Patient Advocate
    Las Vegas, NV


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