Happy New Year!

January 5, 2015

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

Welcome back to the HONOReform blog, aka “Survivor Stories,” for our second full year of publication. We thank everyone who has had a role in making our blog a growing success—contributors and readers and everyone who has suggested to friends that they should check out our blog and pass it on to others.
And we encourage you to please continue to support our efforts.
Here at HONOReform, community-building is a key to emphasizing safe injection practices and doing all we can to educate the public and reeducate providers on the absolute necessity of injection safety.

In 2015 and beyond, here are some of the ways we encourage you to get (and stay) involved:

• SUBSCRIBE to the HONOReform blog at http://www.honoreform.org/blog/?page_id=58
(Simply enter your email and click Subscribe!)

• Naturally, we encourage you to invite colleagues and friends to subscribe. Our challenge in the new year is for all of you to encourage at least five people to subscribe to our blog (and for them to encourage their friends to subscribe).

• During the past year, dozens of healthcare workers, public health leaders, activists and citizens submitted articles that were included on the HONOReform blog. We welcome authors who have been included on the HONOReform blog to submit again this year; and we encourage others to send us an article (or an idea for an article). Please contact Steve Langan, our executive director, at steve@www.HONOReform.org.

• Check out the new streamlined HONOReform website at www.HONOReform.org.

• You will notice that you are encouraged to JOIN THE CONVERSATION by clicking on the gray text. Our Twitter feed is on the home page, and our Twitter and Facebook feeds are side-by-side, when you click on Join the Conversation. Please follow us on these social media sites—for up to the minute information and dialogue on injection safety.

• HONOReform advocates are frequently on the road, spreading the word of injection safety, meeting with members of professional organizations and industry partners. In 2015, we will let you know when we will be on the road and where we will be. We welcome the opportunity meet our supporters and colleagues face to face.

• We also encourage our colleagues and supporters to bring HONOReform advocates in to their town, to present at their annual meeting or institution. Spreading the HONOReform message through awareness and education is at the heart of our work. Donations we receive through providing presentations help us sustain our organization.

Finally, we want to pause to say thank you to everyone who has been involved in our work over the years. Deepening and expanding our community, throughout the country and into some parts of the world, is one of our goals for 2015. We thank you all for being part of our work. You inspire us.
We encourage you to please help us extend the vital conversation on injection safety!

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