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Multimedia Release of One & Only Campaign video
May 20 1:16 PM
Evelyn McKnight
Good news from our partners on the Safe Injection Practices Coalition: At 9 AM EST on Wednesday, May 26, a multimedia version (video, web site, etc.) will go out on the wire to all editors! Along with Dr. Bell, I am one of the spokespersons. We anticipate a lot of interest from media and the public on the importance of One Needle, One Syringe, Only One Time!
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Response to Dear Colleague!
March 10 11:14 AM
Steve Langan
We are getting a very good response to the Dear Colleague circulated by Representives Berkley and Terry! Our request is for $30 million to extend programmatic funding for detection and tracking of healthcare associated infection ($5 million to provide the One and Only Campaign in 5-10 more states) - with a concentration on the VA and in outpatient settings. Thanks for all the support!

Safe Injection Practices Coalition Training Video!
February 26 9:10 AM
Evelyn McKnight
I leave Sunday to work on Monday in Atlanta with our wonderful partners at the CDC. As part of the One and Only Campaign materials, we are making the training video. I have the honor of doing the introduction. The video has five segments, each respresenting what what wrong in recent American outbreaks - and how these situations could be, can be, easily avoided. I am ready for my close-up!

First day of Advocacy Conference!
February 22 9:05 PM
Evelyn McKnight
Many thanks to all our great advocates! Wonderful meetings today on Capitol Hill capped off by 15 of us at a great meeting with Senator Johanns! We meet tomorrow on the Capitol Steps for a photo shoot. This is great support for our two asks: extension of programmatic funding from the CDC for tracking and detection of healthcare-associated infections (including $5 million to extend the One and Only Campaign) and funding for ASCs and for the VA; and the request for HONOReform to have a congressional hearing.

Florida outbreak
February 20 12:15 PM
Steve Langan
The announcement last week of an outbreak in a Tampa area holistic medicine clinic gives us even more reason to visit lawmakers on the Hill on Monday and Tuesday. Our dedicated volunteers from Florida will make visits for us. A full statement by Evelyn in response to the Florida outbreak is on the main page of our web site. Thank you for your support of prevention of unsafe injection practices.

HONOReform Web Site Launch!
February 1 2:03 PM
Evelyn McKnight
Welcome to our expanded Web site!

On behalf of the many people throughout the United States who have been affected by unsafe injection practices and other healthcare acquired infections, thank you for your support. It is our aim to have the updated HONOReform Web site serve as an information hub for patients, consumers, healthcare professionals, advocates, lawmakers, scientists, concerned citizens, and others. To that end, I invite you to please contact us anytime. As we work together to create safe environments that are supported by adequate legislation, please feel free to share your experience, insight and resources. Please call on me anytime.

Evelyn McKnight
Co-founder, President, HONOReform