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Multimedia Release of One & Only Campaign video
May 20 1:16 PM
Evelyn McKnight
Good news from our partners on the Safe Injection Practices Coalition: At 9 AM EST on Wednesday, May 26, a multimedia version (video, web site, etc.) will go out on the wire to all editors! Along with Dr. Bell, I am one of the spokespersons. We anticipate a lot of interest from media and the public on the importance of One Needle, One Syringe, Only One Time!
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Evelyn to speak Monday at CDC
May 18 3:14 PM
Steve Langan
Evelyn and Tom McKnight will attend the Safety by Engineering meeting Monday at the CDC. Rich Caizza, an HONOReform Foundation advisor whose background is in injection engineering, will join them. Working with industry leaders and public organizations to have injection devices that can only be used once distributed throughout the United States is high on the list of HONOReform's priorities.

Patient with Hepatitis C Sues In Colorado over Fenanyl Theft
May 11 10:55 AM
Evelyn McKnight
We are monitoring this lawsuit filed by Ms. Fleisher against Rose Medical Center. We are in support of all patients and families in Colorado. The outbreak in Colorado clearly underscores how necessary it is to engineer safety into the healthcare system. Tom and I and Rich Caizza will attend the Safety by Design meeting on May 24 at the CDC. More information on the lawsuit:  http://www.outpatientsurgery.net/news/2010/05/5

Reuse of Syringes Is Persistent, Damaging
May 3 9:12 AM
Evelyn McKnight
At the core of so many of the issues HONOReform addresses is the reuse of the syringe. This situation in Indiana is yet another example of of what we and our partners in the One and Only Campaign are working hard to prevent.

INDIANAPOLIS (April 30, 299010) -- A Bloomington doctor accused of using the same syringe on
multiple patients is now suspected of contributing to the deaths of five
people he treated.

The attorney general's office on Friday filed a complaint against Dr. Kamal
Tiwari, accusing him of overprescribing medications to at least nine patients
and providing prescriptions to patients who he knew were selling their
medication and using illegal drugs, 6News' Rafael Sanchez reported.

The state says that four men and one woman died after abusing or overusing
drugs prescribed by Tiwari between August 2003 and February 2009.

"This particular physician should have known dangers of prescribing practices
and he didn't act on that," said Deputy Attorney General Abby Kuzma.

Tiwari, an anesthesiologist, treated patients with serious spine and back
pain in a number of offices in Greenwood, Jasper, Bloomington and New Albany,
state officials said.

On Friday, Sanchez went to the Pain Management Center at 2920 McIntyre Drive
in Bloomington, where staff members declined to comment about the

An employee at the Pain Management Center at 3162 National Road in Columbus
said Tiwari hadn't seen patients there for at least three months.

In 2007, Tiwari was accused by the state of using the same syringe on
multiple patients at another Bloomington facility.
Needles were changed between patients, but the syringe was not, according to
the Indiana State Board of Health records.
Officials said that issue remains under investigation and is now part of the
current complaint.
Tiwari's attorney, Arend Abel, said none of the allegations are true.

"This is the latest step of a concerted campaign of harassment that Tiwari
has undergone," he said. He declined to discuss the specific merits in the
state's 54-page complaint.

Tiwari can still practice medicine in Indiana, but is banned from writing
The Indiana Medical Licensing Board will likely take up Tiwari's case in