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The Outbreaks

How to protect yourself

The Outbreaks

From urban centers of New York and Las Vegas to rural hamlets such as Laurinburg, North Carolina, and Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, tragic injection safety outbreaks that are 100 percent preventable have placed hundreds of thousands of Americans at grave risk. 

While incomplete and inconsistent reporting of the data make capturing the full magnitude of these tragedies impossible, it is clear that well over 150,000 Americans have been placed in direct risk of contracting hepatitis (HCV and HCB), HIV and other bloodborne diseases through more than 40 known outbreaks over the twelve years that have resulted from a breakdown in the injection safety process.

The specifics of each individual outbreak may vary, but every single case involved a failure of our health care system to abide by fundamental safe injection practices.  To learn more about these outbreaks including their cause, number of people exposed and number of confirmed positive cases, please contact HONOReform.

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