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Advocacy / Policy

Patient Safety Bill Signed

WASHINGTON (December 18, 2009) – The recently enacted omnibus spending bill to fund the federal government for Fiscal Year 2010 includes $30 million for programs aimed at protecting patients undergoing health care procedures.  HONOReform President and Co-Founder Evelyn McKnight issued the following statement on the new law:

"I applaud the Congress for passing and President Obama for signing into law the omnibus appropriations bill that furthers the federal government's support of initiatives that will impact each and every American who receives health care services. 

"The funds contained in this new law will help expand a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program that is educating health care providers and patients about safe injection practices.  It also provides $25 million to expand safety and quality programs at non-hospital or ambulatory care settings.

"With more and more procedures migrating from the hospital to outpatient setting, it is imperative that these facilities be governed by the same stringent safety standards and requirements that impact hospitals.  This funding will go a long way in helping us attain this goal. 

"HONOReform looks forward to continuing to work with Congress and President Obama to advance these most important initiatives to ensure patients are thoroughly protected each and every time they receive health care services."

Website:  www.HONOReform.org