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HONOReform featured in today's Review Journal
April 13 8:20 AM
Steve Langan
Thanks to all of our wonderful partners here in Nevada:


I am meeting this morning with some of the patients and with one of the attorneys who is working on the majority of the cases. At one o'clock jury selection resumes.


Civil Trial Began Today in Las Vegas: Kearney later this week
April 12 8:42 PM
Steve Langan
Many thanks to attorneys Billie-Marie Morrison, Will Kemp, Robert Adams and colleagues for their help and guidance today as the first civil trial - the jury selection - started today in Las Vegas. This is an important case for many reasons...as it underscores, in yet another way, the importance of maintaining the integrity - from the perspective of providers, patients, and pharmaceutical companies -  of "single use." I will continue to report on tomorrow and Wednesday from Las Vegas.

This article appeared just minutes ago in the Las Vegas Sun: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/apr/12/jury-selection-begins-first-hepatitis-c-case-reach/

Evelyn McKnight presents on Friday in Kearney, Nebraska, to about 350 PAs. Featuring copies of her book A Never Event, HONOReform will have a booth Thursday and Friday at the Kearney Holiday Inn.