Take the pledge for Patient Safety Week!

The RN to BSN students of College of St Mary's take the pledge for injection Safety
The RN to BSN students of College of St Mary take the pledge for injection Safety

I was honored recently to speak to the RN to BSN nursing class of the College of St Mary in Omaha, NE. It was heartwarming to interact with such eager and engaged nursing students – their passion for quality nursing care is contagious! The discussion was lively and revealed the students’ quest to understand how they can assure that their care of patients will always be safe.

It was particularly timely to visit the class because this week is National Patient Safety Week and the launch of the healthcare provider pledge for injection safety. Healthcare providers throughout the country will be pledging:



We urge you to take the pledge as well. If you are a healthcare provider, have some fun with taking a selfie with your signed pledge and posting it to your social media channels. Get a group shot with your colleagues. If you are a patient, ask your healthcare provider to sign and take a picture of yourself with her holding the pledge. Here are several pictures of some of my favorite healthcare providers with their signed pledges:



Will you sign this pledge?

“I will use a new needle. I will use a new syringe for you. This is the one and only time they will be used.”

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

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