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“I know I have to forgive” – the Brader family story

November 11, 2013

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

Amanda and Mary Brader

Amanda and Mary Brader

Dwight and Mary Brader had a storybook life. They had a loving marriage, a young daughter who was the apple of their eye, and they lived on a farm in Nebraska. Mary worked nights as a nurse at a hospital thirty minutes away and Dwight had just finished training as an electrician in addition to keeping up with the farm chores.

And then their lives took a sudden, sharp turn. Dwight was diagnosed with nonHodgkins lymphoma. The local oncologist was optimistic that Dwight would be cured, even though his tumor was the size of a grapefruit.

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How can I help to prevent this from happening again? by Lauren Lollini

October 7, 2013

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini


Lauren Lollini is a survivor of an outbreak caused by drug diversion

I applaud all who took part in the New Hampshire Hospital Association meeting September 22-24 which discussed ways to tighten up systems in an attempt to stop drug diversions which will ultimately help to prevent patient harm like the Hepatitis C outbreak which occurred in New Hampshire.

As a victim of a similar outbreak, I can attest to the fact that so often we just do not feel heard by the people who can make the most difference. read more »

HONOReform Presents Plan to Prevent Drug Diversion by Steve Langan

September 30, 2013

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

Panel discussion at NH Hospital Assn 2013 meeting

Preventing Drug Diversion Panel, NHHA meeting

I am grateful I had the opportunity participate in the annual New Hampshire Hospital Association meeting, September 22-24 in Bretton Woods.

The staff of NHHA, led by Steve Ahnen, the president, along with the board of directors, is clearly committed to the prevention of drug diversion—in New Hampshire and beyond. read more »

Welcome to Survivor Stories Blog

September 16, 2013

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

99 Nebraskans were infected with Hepatitis C when a nurse reused syringes during chemotherapy administration in 2000.

34 Coloradans contracted Hepatitis C when a surgical technician injected herself with painkillers, then used the same syringe on patients.
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