Celebrating our Successes

February 1, 2016

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

Honoreform_Logo_v2Nine years ago, HONOReform was launched. We pause here to review our many accomplishments. We give thanks to our loyal stakeholders and supporters, who have made all of this possible!

    • HONOReform is an original member of the Safe Injection Practices Coalition, which is currently active in seven states and online at OneandOnlyCampaign.org. This award-winning campaign is led by our longtime partners at the CDC.

  • By emphasizing all aspects of injection safety, including correct use of single- and multi-dose vials and prevention of healthcare worker diversion of injectables, HONOReform provides national leadership on safe and best practices, for consumers and providers.
  • While HONOReform was active on Capitol Hill, the organization worked with Senator Harry Reid to lead a congressional briefing, “Injections without Infections.” We encouraged the Government Accountability Office to research injection safety and provide a comprehensive report.
  • We helped lead the April 17, 2014, USA Today article, “Doctors, medical staff on drugs put patients at risk”; our founder Evelyn McKnight was interviewed in US News & World Report on May 21, 2015; HONOReform and Evelyn have been included in the national media hundreds of times since its formation in 2007.
  • Evelyn—often in tandem with her husband, Dr. Tom McKnight, our medical advisor—has provided hundreds of presentations to thousands—tens of thousands—of healthcare workers and others throughout the United States.
  • HONOReform made its international debut in September 2014, working with government, industry and public health colleagues in India to help form an injection safety coalition. Later that year, Evelyn presented at the WHO Safe Injection Global Network, and earlier this year HONOReform was represented at the debut World Hepatitis Alliance meeting.
  • We respond to confirmed outbreaks of bloodborne pathogens (and patient notifications) through our multi-faceted “HONOResponse” program.
  • We help introduce, support and testify on behalf of pertinent patient safety legislation (including two new bills signed in to law in June 2014 in New Hampshire).
  • Since July 2009, when the outbreak of hepatitis C was announced in Denver at Rose Medical Center, HONOReform has been an active leader in drug diversion prevention. We will help host the first-ever national meeting on drug diversion prevention in 2016.
  • Evelyn and HONOReform are developing new programs, including a project aimed at changing the discussion on medical malpractice, starting in 2016.
  • Our blog, “Survivor Stories,” is published every Monday morning. It’s edited by Evelyn and Lauren Lollini, a patient advocate who helps lead our drug diversion prevention work, and it includes articles by noted advocates and national public health leaders. We encourage you to read our blog, spread the word, and send us a submission!
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