“Methodist Mondays” – Morgan’s reflections on being a patient safety advocate

March 2, 2015

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

Morgan Gasper is a nursing student at Nebraska Methodist College

Morgan Gasper is a junior level nursing student at Nebraska Methodist College

“Methodist Mondays” is the name of a once a month blog written by students of Nebraska Methodist College of Omaha. Students will share their reflections on patient safety, and their role as an advocate for their patients. It is part of a larger (and very exciting) partnership with the local college! Here’s a link to a recent story about the partnership.

As part of our “Methodist Mondays” series, Morgan Gasper shares her reflections after reading “A Never Event” as a class assignment. Morgan was instrumental in bringing a co-author of the book, Evelyn McKnight, to campus to share her story with students. Following are Morgan’s reflections on that visit.

Dr. McKnight’s story was truly inspiring and reminding of the fact that our job as healthcare providers is to care for patients. It is our job to provide the most culturally competent care with pure intentions for the best outcome for our patients. Our jobs are not about ourselves, but about every life we come in to contact with.

A patient safety advocate means that you are willing to speak up for the patient to protect his or her safety and wellbeing no matter what the consequences may be for you. Practicing safe techniques and protocols complements being a patient safety advocate.

Hearing Dr. Evelyn McKnight’s story from a victim’s standpoint made it apparent that we as nurses owe it to our patients to keep them safe at all times. This story made me even more committed to safe injection practices.

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