CDC Expands Injection Safety Efforts

March 3, 2014

Evelyn McKnight and Lauren Lollini

Dear Friends:
We are so grateful to share this news—so proud of our colleagues at the CDC and the CDC Foundation and our many partners on the Safe Injection Practices Coalition for the extraordinary work over the last six years, which has led to this important announcement: welcome to representatives of Eli Lilly, and many thanks for providing funds, for the next three years, to continue (and to expand) our vital and ongoing work!

On behalf of HONOReform advocates—and with the many Americans who have been affected by unsafe injection practices in mind—we thank our new partner for their generous support of the mission and goals of the SIPC.
We include the announcement, below. We encourage you to share this good news with your network.
Evelyn and Lauren

CDC Expands Injection Safety Efforts


Dear Colleagues,

More than 150,000 patients have been notified of potential exposure to hepatitis and HIV due to unsafe injection practices in U.S. healthcare settings since 2001. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical injections are an overlooked source of infections and outbreaks. To better protect patients from this ongoing problem, the CDC Foundation is partnering with Eli Lilly and Company to support and expand CDC’s Safe Injection Practices Coalition- a group of public health, medical and industry organizations collaborating to raise awareness among patients and health care providers about safe injection practices.

The partnership will extend the reach of Safe Injection Practices Coalition’s One & Only Campaign, an injection safety awareness campaign that has produced and distributed educational and multimedia tools for health care providers and patients. This partnership will also support the expansion of the coalition’s activities, resources and tools for provider training and education, as well as patient empowerment. Funding will also support dissemination of safe injection messages using social media (follow us @InjectionSafety), YouTube, electronic continuing medical education, advertising and print materials for providers and patients. We encourage you to “like” the One & Only Campaign on Facebook today.

Through this three-year partnership with Lilly, CDC will:

  • Expand the One & Only Campaign to new audiences such as individual and group-owned physician practices;
  • Educate health care providers through new and enhanced training and communication materials to address emerging issues;
  • Improve the Safe Injection Practices Coalition website and social media platforms to share resources and toolkits with new audiences; and
  • Engage new and existing Safe Injection Practices Coalition partners.

For more information, visit A Fresh, New Approach to Preventing Unsafe Injection Practices.

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